Home smart locks should pay attention to what place?

by:Level      2020-07-25
Home smart door lock is the door lock of choice for many families, from the last 618 years to promote can know, home smart locks now have more hot. Then use smart door lock has areas that should pay attention to? Intelligent lock manufacturers to give you the answer below. 1. The first door lock function is the security door lock purpose is to protect home security, so security is its main function. In the selection and use of household intelligent door locks, priority is safety performance. Such as semiconductor to prevent false fingerprint lock, C grade three anti lock body lock, stainless steel, etc. 2. Locks the quality and stability of quality, stability good household intelligence door lock, in the process of daily use, the big problem of all sorts of small problems will be less, the stability of its function and high sensitivity, customer experience, goodwill degrees. 3. Simple operating household intelligent door locks, means that the elderly and children, so on the operational needs to be simple and clear. Usually with voice prompt, can be convenient to normal operations such as addition, omission, modify.
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