Hotel card lock card security?

by:Level      2020-07-23
In some hotels, hotels, hotel and other places have been changed into the basic credit card door lock, some consumers will ask, swipe card security door lock? Outside buy card can open? The following hotel lock factory give you the answer. On security, is safer than traditional keys to open the door to, card door lock card can not only open the door, also to take electricity, etc. After the issuing card machine, card could only open the door of his room, simple and convenient. From the manufacturer factory matching card door lock card, card, buy other CARDS from the outside, even after the issuing card machine, is also unable to open the door. Manufacturer factory card door lock card, will be encrypted. If hotel check-out when consumers take a card or lost, don't worry, report the loss of this card in system, will be failed.
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