Hotel card lock won't open the door?

by:Level      2020-07-23
Using a credit card at the hotel door lock, often encounter will be a small state, such as a credit card can't open the door, batteries, etc. , so how to solve the hotel card lock these little status? The following hotel lock factory give you the answer. First, you need according to specific conditions determine the cause of the hotel can't open the door lock. Such as the use of effective card to open the door, and no sound and no light that the reason is: a dead battery or power cord is broken; Or use the card to open the door to open the door, the bright blue light, there are drops of a short sound, can't open the door, the reason for the motor components damage or damage of circuit board, the solution to replace the lock body, motor components or circuit board. In summary is to first know what is the cause of the hotel can't open the door lock, card when lights and short situation, etc, to determine the exact reason, and then to the right solution to the status of the hotel card lock can't open the door.
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