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by:Level      2020-08-11

to view installation hotel control system from the Angle of the hotel is not only the advantages of can bring high quality accommodation experience for the customer, but also for the system after installation and put into use to a certain extent, to reduce the cost of operations in the hotel, especially in the aspect of the cost of the hotel staff. To explain in detail the next hotel control system is how to reduce the operating costs.

1, the connection

some technology and security system more perfect the installed hotel control system can be connected with the security system, so in this case the hotel can through the guest room doors and Windows installed some magnetic stripe, is able to connect to control system of the room and can connect to the hotel security system, when customers have any emergency in the middle of the room can direct docking security system, the hotel can save the cost of installing alarm call system in the guest room.

2, connected to the customer data system

hotel in order to be able to better manage customer data through hotel control system connected to the customer data system, when a customer after check in do not need to manually to ask the way to understand the discrepancy information of the individual, directly through the hotel data connection of the control system will be able to clear the customer's data changes after check-in, it can reduce many human resource costs for the hotel.

3, connected to the guest room door lock system

hotel control system also can be connected to the smart door lock system of guest room to achieve the effect of reducing operating costs, because smart door lock can be induced to the hotel guest room card information in order to let the hotel to identify the identity of the user, so the hotel managed by such identification can be more good customer's safety, so can reduce a lot of artificial asked about the cost.

the above explanation is the hotel in the use of the control system can reduce operating costs after several aspects, which can be know the most powerful control system is able to help hotel save a lot of manpower and material resources of operating costs, if you want to know which hotel control system reliable can know more about relevant consultation in the middle of the site.

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