Hotel door lock general how much is the price?

by:Level      2020-07-24
Hotel door lock is generally used in many place such as hotel, the guesthouse, hotel, through its management functions and convenience, can save a lot of labor costs, at the same time also can improve the grade, improve guest satisfaction. So what is generally the price of hotel door lock? The hotel door lock had a greater influence on the price of is material and functional. Material generally and the appearance of the hotel door lock hook, such as aluminum alloy material hotel door lock, its appearance contracted and the atmosphere, fit most decorate a style, but the price a little higher. Then there is the brand. Although the hotel door lock configuration than home lock is relatively simple, different brand, material quality and performance stability also varies. Some mature brand of hotel door lock manufacturers, guaranteed in the materials and stability, and perfect after-sales service, guarantee the subsequent use.
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