Hotel induction door lock system daily professional nouns

by:Level      2020-07-24
From the point of the current market, jiangmen intelligent technology co. , LTD. Provide hotel the diverse categories of intelligent electronic door locks, hotel according to the positioning of their own, choose suitable for their own characteristics of the door. In order to let more users are familiar with hotel knowledge induction lock system, small make up today's door lock system in the 'on line', 'the operator management', 'room set', 'front desk management', 'issue key card', 'issue maintenance card', 'report', 'system management', and other professional nouns explain for everybody: 1. 'Online' : computer and card read-write device is used to establish the communication link. When entering the system, automatically online, if online success, there will be a message card read-write device is connected the computer serial number; If online failed, please check the card read-write device of power supply is open and whether data communication line connection is good, and then try again online. 2. 'The operator management' by the sub menu item 'operator Settings' and 'change password'. 1) 'Operator set' for the management of the system operator, including add, modify, and delete operators, and permissions to the operation of the operator. 2) 'Change password' for operator to change their password. 3. 'Room set' is used to set hotel room information, including room information input and distribution function of each card on door lock set. By 'rooms', 'public room' two composition. Which part of the 'room' is 'building management', 'floor management', 'room management' of the three. 4. 'At the front desk management,' the function is the core part of the system, used by the hotel's front desk operator. Responsible for the guest check-in, offering guests card. Handle guest reservation, check-in, renewal room, check-out etc. By 'stay', 'reservation', 'check-in reservation', 'sequel', 'check out', 'modify room state', etc. 5. Issued 'key card' key card for open issue, including issuing guest card, building card, building card, the emergency card, etc. 6. 'Offering maintenance card' to issue information, set up the class card installed including issuing CARDS, card 2, the clock card, check card, card, remove card, closed, blacklist card, password card, etc. 7. 'Report' to query related statements, including card statements, check in the report. 8. 'System maintenance' for viewing locks records, operation log, set the system parameter and so on. 9. 'Exit' for exit door lock management system.
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