Hotel lock can take charge of with lock?

by:Level      2020-08-05
Smart door locks have been used in the hotel industry, all is often called the hotel lock or the lock, because people at that time to the understanding of the intelligent electronic lock is just beginning, so feel incredible for keyless lock function, also is one of the more advanced technology level at the time, so it can also be guess such hotel intelligent lock can be applied to the family security? In fact, with the development of science and technology progress, smart door lock is applied to the family is the trend of future development, but also more and more people begin to accept the use of smart door lock. So the question comes, hotel security lock can be used for family? Hotel lock is, of course, can be used in the family security, only in the application of the lock has certain difference on the aspects such as management, and dedicated to the family use smart locks, hotel locks also has its own limitations, all we have to first learn about the hotel locks. Hotel lock is not only applied in the electronic locks, hotel room due to large hotel groups liquidity, more frequent, opening the door of the smart card will need to be constantly updated information, so in the way to open the door would be a single, concise and easy, which is just open the slice using smart can open the door, so also called credit card door lock. Card door lock technology have been developed for many years, stability is better, the issuance of all the smart card can be need through hotel door lock management to unified allocation, can lock management system through the card reader can open a lock for the hotel to issue all kinds of card types, such as: guest card, card, etc. , can manage the hotel room, guests information management, and the unified management of all kinds of access to information query, and use characteristics and requirements of hotel lock is convenient, fast. Household intelligent trick lock, the lock is generally fingerprint need more unity, its use to open the door way and more pay attention to safety, due to the use of the open group is stable, all household intelligent locks there is no need to use the door lock management software to carry on the key management, control, open the way generally have fingerprints, password, credit card, APP, face recognition, voice recognition, and so on a variety of mechanical key to open the door way combination types, can also be combined by other two kinds of opening the door, among them, the fingerprint and the password is a commonly used way, also have a family now worried about the safety of using the network unlock, including notice, issued by the state and market supervision of its proposal shut down the network unlock or facial recognition to unlock, but with the development of science and technology, with the further development of security technology, I believe that there will be more flexible, more peace of mind of choose to use their own way to open the door. Intelligence door lock security still depends on the used lock technology and material, and is also used with smart door lock anti-theft level, used for security, the security of hotel lock is not higher than the fingerprint combination lock, while the latter price is generally several times more than the former, but we also don't rule out the hotel lock can be used for the family. Through the above analysis, the hotel lock is applied to the family or less, and the fingerprint password is family in the future application trend of the development of, and more and more users start using smart door locks, especially a relatively developed city area, the application of fingerprint combination lock density is relatively high, but in the rural market, for now, there is no large-scale application scenario. ​
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