Hotel lock usually the function of what are the advantages?

by:Level      2020-08-06
Hotel lock is part of electronic lock series products, with his household electronic lock has the different demand, domestic demand to open the door to demand a variety of electronic door lock to open the door means to coexist, convenient to open; Electronic door lock and hotel requires a single or small open mode selection, which facilitates the implementation of the management. Hotel locks from the initial development to the electronic door lock, mechanical lock again by the electronic lock again with hotel management, form the system of the hotel network, is developing rapidly, especially the emergence of electronic locks, grows more rapidly. There are all kinds of hotel locks, flowers, but the quality varies greatly, most of the hotels in the tender will help when written in the book of tender, but americans are cheaper as the main object. Some are branded manufacturers success has low price bidding, but provide hotel lock this often can appear the problem, even if the same lock is difficult to guarantee the quality of the unified. So what's the function of hotel lock general advantage? 1, a 16-bit processor, a more powerful functions on the traditional 8-bit processor, program more efficient. 2, have reset the protection circuit, even if has the strong interference, circuit also guarantee the normal work. 3, built-in FLASH as a memory, than usually adopts EEPROM memory storage has great leap forward, the performance of data speed increased by one order of magnitude, the secrecy is strong, can't be modified, 1 million data wipe life, EEPROM memory wipe up to only 100000 times life. 4, a built-in clock, the traditional circuit adopts the external clock circuit, but the external clock circuit is easy to make when the battery power supply not normal clock had stopped, with built-in clock, the clock will care for a period of time, there will be no bigger error. 5, using industrial-grade wafer table, high quality components to ensure the high quality products. 6, unique decoding circuit, with 2 sets of decoding procedures, arbitrary wave can ensure correct reading card card, even if the card access to lock the metal shell, you can open the door. 7, having a unique style of locking frequency technology, in any environment can guarantee the frequency of 125 KHZ, read the card is not affected by the environment. When the temperature changes can cause the coil heat bilges cold shrink, resulting in frequency change, often affect the reading card, serious will open the door, our technology has thoroughly solved the problem. 8, low-power design, section 4 5 alkaline batteries, can guarantee the normal work of the door lock for about a year. Using microwave induction technology, thoroughly solved the battery power consumption. Article 9, built in 256 to open the door.
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