Hotel locks used frequently encountered technical problems

by:Level      2020-07-23
Hotel door lock has been widely used in many social occasions, such as hotel, hotel, apartment, etc. , using more frequently, for some daily use or some technical problems in the process of important operation, how to deal with, the following by the hotel lock manufacturers to analyze some common problems and solutions. 1. Hotel door lock card is lost, what should I do? If is back again, how to deal with? If you meet the condition of the missing card, you need to report the loss of this card in system, at the same time making a report the loss of card, to report the loss of brush a door, the door at this time lost card has failed; If the lost card back, need to make a cancellation in system card report the loss of STH, to cancel the report the loss of lock on the brush. 2. When there is normally open hotel door lock mode, how to deal with? Want to make sure the normally open mode triggered situation first, if it is touched the emergency card, should be resumed emergency CARDS anew; If the battery voltage is insufficient, the motor can't reset, replace the new battery can; If motor motor failure occurs, it is need to replace the motor; If it is caused by the installation problem line is broken, you need to replace the wires. 3. Hotel door lock system need to backup, often what reason is? Regularly updated backup, can ensure the is timeliness and completeness of information, if meet an emergency, cause damage need to change the condition of the computer or system, the backup data can have very good effect, after the register system, only need to restore the backup can be normal use, the need to set up the system and door lock, save a lot of time.
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