Hotel maintenance tips of induction lock

by:Level      2020-08-12
Note 1 installation, installation and operation must be correct, especially when installation, banning the use of paper, taped handles and panel. Locks don't install when paint did not work on the door, locking surface contact with the corrosive substance is forbidden, in order to avoid damage lock protective cover, lock the glossiness. 2, door gusset plate installation position must be correct, the inclined tongue can't pin lock body, otherwise the door will 'di. . 'Call the police. Use and maintenance in use process, some of the zinc alloy and copper locks, installed on the door after a long time will be found to have 'spots', this phenomenon does not belong to rust, but belong to oxidation, if that happens, as long as use locks maintenance fluid spray brush can remove spots. Close attention 1, close the door when holding the best handle, lock tongue precession lock body, close the door and then let go; Do not force doors or shut down, or you will make it lock body parts damaged. 2, during decorating, please don't play for a long time lock tongue, such as type and generous tongue after closing, easy to make and easy tongue damage bad! 3, please with the mechanical key test after install door lock, rear can normal open close to close the door. Battery maintenance 1, smart card door locks used batteries must be alkaline batteries! 2, after the battery power shortage alarm, please replace the battery immediately, to ensure that the door lock normal use. 3, replace the battery, remember not to across the electrodes of the battery installed backwards, don't you want to change flow fluid of alkaline batteries. Other key points 1, mechanical keys must be properly kept. 2, issue a 'time card' ( Every two months) To maintain a door lock. 3, circuit boards, lock body can't get wet in the rain. Into the water, because of the fine structure, leads to flexible or damaged. 4, in order to ensure the security of the system database, the system operators should be conducted on a regular basis system database file for backup.
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