Hotel rooms control system has what function? - Guest room control system

by:Level      2020-08-07

the hotel guest room control system ( Also known as guest room control system, the guest room intelligent control system, control system of hotel guest, the guest control system) , deal with is the use of computer control, communications, such as skills, based on guest room RCU ( Guest room intelligent control device) Private network, consisting of about the hotel to handle do supply a lot of fast. So, you know what is the function of hotel guest room control system?

1, the identity of intelligent recognition

smart hotel room control system status identification card of their module: it is different from the traditional bar code to identify the electric switch. It is a built-in M1 ( Or TEMIC) Card reader, can read the unlock card preset information, can intelligent identification the cardholder's identity. It 1 bus to communicate with RCU through internal communication, different identity gives different permissions. RCU after durable communication system of the control system of hotel guest room card identity information sent to system service, guest room to deal with the status of the department can real-time understand entered the room.

2 dynamic deal with

hotel guest room, guest room client software of the control system has four modules, respectively is the state of the guest room control module, the service functions of the control and for the show and air conditioning control module and engineering module. Interface, full to the hotel network, using the ODBC ( Open the Database connection: the Open Database Connectivity) Database programming interface for system or OPC method can be associated with several restaurants to handle system data exchange, the real dynamic room state.

3, air conditioning system control

one of the most famous hotel rooms for hotel rooms through the network control system of the air conditioning system of the monitoring, according to the hotel in advance preset air-conditioning control strategy ( Schedule) , the guarantee does not affect to supply customers with comfortable environment under the premise of usefully drop cold heat source of cost and cost of three-speed fan. Hotel rooms control system through the system software for per room of air conditioning for long-distance centralized control, in order to achieve useful energy.

above is the company's small make up for your analysis about the hotel room control system can complete some of the specific function, such as intelligent identify, guest room dynamic identity is dealt with as well as the control of air conditioning system, using high-tech to complete the most humanized hotel rooms, help guests to supply the heart, to the benefit of the invention more in the hotel.

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