Hotel rooms control system in the different network structure have the characteristics of what? - Room control system

by:Level      2020-08-14

because hotel rooms control system function is rich, strong compatibility, and supply and the hotel to handle the system interface, has become an indispensable part of the hotel comprehensive intelligent. For hotel guest room control system, choose different skills of communication system, the topology of the system will be different, the following introduce don't for you to choose three different skill communication system network topology characteristics:

1, based on the TCP/IP Ethernet communication system network structure characteristics: advanced skills, strong gm and universality, fully compatible with Ethernet and TCP/IP protocol is skill, communication fast, large amount of data, so the hotel guest room control system can be Shared within the existing LAN resources, protection and concise, without professional staff for their own protection.

2, based on the RS485 - TCP/IP communication system network structure characteristics: choose the communication system of hotel guest room control system blend by RS485 communication bus and Ethernet expertise, economic strong, fast transfer rate; That absorbed the RS485 bus transmission interval, the advantages of economical and practical, also have both Ethernet transmission data volume and speed advantage.

3, according to the CAN bus communication system: the network structure of feature of the hotel guest room service agencies to tell you that of the control system of its promotion bottle to RS485 communication bus, the communication rate and the interval is much higher than RS485 bus, supporting full-duplex communication ( RS485 don't have) , inductive function is better than that of the above two kinds of network knot, can be used in more and more high demand of hotel rooms.

that's hotel room small make up to you to analyze the control system of the company's selection of three different skill communication system of network topology characteristics, expect some help to you. Lasts hot in addition, because the hotel industry, hotel room control system, the market demand is big, it has become one of the pluses and judge the hotel inductive advantage, have good market prospects, the future will be applied to the more hotels and other places.

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