Hotel rooms the functionality of the equipment project - control system Hotel smart door lock

by:Level      2020-08-08

the hotel guest room control system involves more equipment project, its function has distinguishing feature each, general control switch, for example, it is usually set on the head of a bed, with the method of control panel makes guests more convenient, press the switch control system will automatically after the selected control scheme of the interior to the best state, guests can also shut down other lights, according to the demand of selective below small make up is for you to make a brief introduction of the function of each equipment project hotel room control system.

the first multi-function sign

hotel rooms, according to the control system of the multi-function sign several languages switch it to take control of the equipment is set up in the room at the entrance, usually sign a do not disturb, clear in time, busy, please later, the guest has check-in, forbidden to clean, such as text, staff can timely understand the guest's related requirements, and make appropriate response. The second plug take card switch

usually large hotel for weak current project and other related electrical project management is very strict, must strictly to ensure security and make the guests more convenient. Professional hotel room control system generally adopts the card electric switch as control source, as the name implies, electricity, card into card slot door after management computer terminal displays status at this time, form a complete set of card of their more convenient. Third air conditioning switch control equipment

all in upscale hotels will each configured in air conditioning room, in order to ensure that use safety and applicability of the air conditioning air conditioning, hotel room control system will air conditioning temperature control permissions, when after the switch to check mode, the guest card to control the air conditioning to the cardholder, before the card is according to the system is configured to run mode of constant temperature, at the same time also can turn off the air conditioner, in addition, the hotel guest room air conditioning control system can realize remote switch control mode control. Fourth service function display control system

the control project is in the hotel guest room management system, the control program for the hotel, to the administrative department of the terminal on the computer to install this program, it is also an important part of hotel guest room control system, control program can clearly show the identity card of people as well as the service request, the guest CARDS at present state, air conditioning and other matters.

hotel room control system of this kind of new industry in the first 10 highly scientific, at the same time it can completely according to the requirements of the hotel and the actual situation of customised control, the control system functions can also make appropriate changes, to make it more targeted. In the whole control system, in addition to the above several equipment system project, and controlled the socket system, floor lamp, etc. , meet the needs of customers and managers.

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