Hotel smart door lock broad prospects for fingerprint recognition become a sunrise industry | |

by:Level      2020-07-23
Intelligent lock locks at the hotel in the process of development, the lock is the important core technology. Identify industry is the sunrise industry, all new technology basic knowledge and the other, its intelligence and security validation from the world, is considered to be one of the top ten high-tech in the 21st century. Hotel intelligent lock lock industry with the improvement of people's living standards, intelligent electronic lock market more vast. Many hotel have the hotel intelligence and security requirements. Indicates the future hotel intelligent lock is huge. Thrive today in the hotel industry development trend of the hotel intelligent lock is also popular with the hotel owners, especially the hotel intelligence lock is convenient, quick, safe, and make it become one of the locks lock industry welcome, so what is the hotel intelligent lock? 1. Hotel smart locks have a strict time limit function: lock with clock, ends when the guest room, room card void automatically, effectively avoid the guest rent in arrears phenomenon; 2. Multi-level management, power and responsibility is clear: according to the requirements set by total card, card, clean floor, guest card, but the access is not the same, only the customer with the hotel party use card to use at the same time, the hotel use card will only take effect. 3. Hotel smart locks have do not disturb function, to avoid embarrassing situation: locked after guests entered the room, the waiter can't open the door to bother, Except emergency situation use emergency card) 。 4. Hotel smart locks can add features: according to the need to add a smart card hotel safety deposit box, smart card take electricity, smart card take the elevator, smart card settlement pay a card holders, more conducive to enhance the grade of the hotel and the hotel's resources and manpower.
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