Hotel smart door lock compared to traditional lock - what are the advantage Guest room control system manufacturer

by:Level      2020-08-06

often hotel friend will find now the hotel facilities are upgrading in the direction of more intelligent, which hotel smart door lock is one of the important measures for intelligent. Now hotel smart door lock not only to make the hotel on the management aspects, allow the user to achieve diversity function, also enhance the overall image of the hotel. So the hotel smart door lock compared to traditional locks, what are the advantages?

a control function, the strict time

hotel door lock system when the choose and buy is mainly want to consider two aspects, one is the hotel to manage better. First class hotel smart door lock the built-in time clock, the hotel can be set in advance to arrange the guests' housing. If set time expired room card will expire automatically, without their own effort to record the guest when check out, can effectively avoid the phenomenon of the rent in arrears.

2, disturbed by the safety control function

popular hotel smart door lock not only has outstanding advantages to the hotel management, what is more important to be able to show the hotel's friendly image and to protect the privacy of the guest. Now hotel smart door lock system can carry on the set, to the different functions of the key card for different populations can be used under different rules, guests can in the case of less disturbed free activities. In addition, hotel smart door lock system also can in addition to an emergency, the customer as long as anyone can't open the door to disturb after locked. If the guest lost key card can also apply to the hotel for the original card failure, to better ensure the guests' personal and property security. Three, optional feature

add function hotel smart door lock a variety of optional model is the cause of this lock has developed rapidly, in addition to meet the demand of basic locks, hotel smart door lock manufacturers can also according to customer's requirements in terms of function and add. Now in the market of hotel smart door lock door locks are generally increases recording, intelligent safe, smart and intelligent take by ladder, etc. , on the function is very diverse. A small, smart card, can largely enhance the grade of the hotel rich client's personal experience.

hotel smart door lock brands on the market now is very much, need people can through to the manufacturer's size, history, technologies and services. Many functions now hotel smart door lock on the models also have difference in detail place, but it was all in meet the demand of users on the basis of features. Because the smart intelligent lock constantly improve, I believe in the future development of this system will develop faster and better provide users with better experience.

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