Hotel smart door lock FAQ

by:Level      2020-08-12
1, guest card induction when no sound, no lights, no motor movement analysis: door lock is installed batteries; Connecting line contact is bad or wrong; Induction panel bad treatment measures: install the new battery, check the connection line, replace the induction panel 2, guests have green light induction trouble-free code, no motors analysis: battery is insufficient; Induction panel is bad; Lock the motor bad; Connecting line contact is bad or wrong; Wrong card when software operating measures: change new battery, check the cable, replace the induction panel or lock core ( The motor) , correct operation card induction card 3, guests have a green light, the motors but couldn't open the door analysis: locks and the lock on the front panel between the iron bar not good docking; Bad 4 lock core, guest card, when the manager card, clean card such as card induction red light and sound a loud sirens analysis: time lock timeout or the treatment measures are: to refresh time card door lock 5, guest card, when the manager card, clean card such as card induction red light and ring two sound analysis: locks to terminate service measures: in a computer software system recovery card in induction door, resume normal operation 6, clean and guest card, manager card card of card induction is a red light and ring six analysis: guest card is inconsistent with the door address measures: check whether the room number of the guest card to suit the door address, check whether the floor area of the card to suit the door address 7, buzzer always di di di ring analysis: door couldn't good; The battery is insufficient; Lock bad treatment measures: whether the inspection door shut close, replace the new battery, replace the lock 8, set a time card, address card when red light, with or without noise analysis: the card is not set correctly; Door lock circuit board without initialization processing measures: reset the card correctly, initialization circuit board, Four feet on the underside of the circuit board has a button)
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