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by:Level      2020-08-11

in the intelligent degree to improve the present, in order to improve the hotel service quality when the grade, have been purchasing all kinds of intelligent products to use, hotel smart door lock is one of the most widely used, not only fully functional, easy to operate, but also very easy to maintain. Here is to learn more about the professional hotel smart door lock has what function.

1。 Time control function

some high-end hotel smart door lock products have strict time control function, built in the middle of the door lock system clock, the hotel check-in formalities for guests and making good room card after insert the room card to the guest in intelligent door locks, the system clock will automatically to judge, if not to the check-in time, the door cannot be opened, to ensure safety, and when the guest check in time is over, and then insert the room card hotel smart door lock will not open for it.

2。 Emergency unlock function

the quality of the hotel smart door lock has emergency unlock function, in addition to use the room card to open, were in the room card is lost or damaged, you can also use the mechanical key to open, in order to ensure the hotel in any emergency, all need not to damage the door will open the door.

3。 Open record query function

in order to be able to let the hotel customers to add more security, hotel smart door lock with data in a 'black box', as long as cooperate with portable data terminal, so no matter use what kind of way to unlock the hotel smart door lock the record and will be automatically saved up, so that the staff query.

in addition to the above to introduce this several function, quality and reliable hotel smart door lock also has many other functions, such as 1 alarm function, a new card to terminate the old card and so on, this function through a full range of services, not only improve the use of the guest experience, but also convenient for the management of the hotel to the guest room and guest, and when the guests left with room card after failure, still can make the card in time so as to improve the safety of the hotel and other guests.

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