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by:Level      2020-08-07

referring to the history of the development of the hotel about the change in the lock, there is a long topic. From complicated to simple, open the door from the time long to short time, the change of these problems about locks to a great extent, shows the rapid economic progress. Hotel smart door lock is now obtained the widespread popularization and the development and get great welcome, investigate its reason is indivisible, and its characteristic performance is the following hotel smart door lock popularity of analysis.

a, guests in and out of free

reputation reliable hotel smart door lock can get praise and the good prestige, hotel smart door lock is very prominent effect on display in the guest can free access to this matter, guests of the hotel is convenient degree evaluation is one of the most important problem, if the guest in and out are limited to the door, then it will affect the hotel occupancy rate of influence in the future.

2, can be inside the hotel consumption

reliable hotel smart door lock is a convenient feature is unobstructed. Hotel smart door lock because of intelligent control, the customer can be internal consumption in the hotel need not paid by using other tools, such as unified to remember when check-out, this pattern to a large extent to the guest provider convenient consumption, easy to get the user's trust and praise.

3, quick card fast, easy to check in customer check-in

trust of hotel smart door lock was relieved from the check in fast mode. Hotel smart door lock has a prominent function is card fast, it'll be easy to the front desk for registration and fast, so good function is to shorten the time of the user and brought convenience to the front desk work, an advantage performance is worthy of praise.

hotel smart door lock can be recognized and promotion and development, investigate its root without the advantages of convenient performance. The guest in and out of free convenient is one; Then the IC card, you can use a card consumption within the hotel; There is card speed is high, thus saving the time to homes and front desk staff, improve the efficiency, improve the efficiency to a certain extent is also save the cost, the advantage is worth promoting, above all, the development of the hotel smart door lock good, no doubt.

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