Household fingerprint combination technique of choose and buy

by:Level      2020-07-25
As technology to drive the progress of the society, many families have changed the combination lock, fingerprint besides safety, more reason is that its convenience without key to open the door, let the life more comfortable. Let's see what are the skills of choose and buy. 1. If there is demand. The safety and convenience is more convenient than a mechanical lock, but also to combine the actual situation to decide, such as environmental factors, the type of the door. 2. Select the desired way to open the door. Now there are so many ways to fingerprint combination lock the door, multifarious, password, fingerprint, CARDS, Including the virtual card NFC) , face, APP, small procedures, etc. G unlock way, then, is not a fingerprint combination lock set lock mode, the better, the more on-demand option can, reduce unnecessary waste. 3. Choose good smart door lock brand. Has a good reputation of smart door lock brand, select it can't be wrong. Have a good reputation, its smart door lock products, quality, performance, its after-sales service is perfect, on the use of experience, have good satisfaction, later use.
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