Household intelligent lock industry need to overcome the outbreak of the three difficulties | |

by:Level      2020-07-25
Smart market future and application has started, for home, it can end to families still need to conquer the quality control, channel, service three big difficulty. : quality control, production technology of intelligent lock than ordinary mechanical lock and is much more complicated, the industrial chain of the lock factory, cloud services, technology, fingerprint algorithm APP development, communication protocols, battery and so on factors will affect the performance quality of intelligent lock. Bought a few small factory on the market at present module after assembly is in a hurry on the production line. In fact, intelligent lock as integrates light products, over 3 years experience in manufacture process, to ensure the stability of the mould and parts and precision; Only scale production can also reduce the marginal cost of intelligent lock, change the status quo of intelligent lock prices at present. Intelligent lock the fingerprint algorithm accuracy requirement is high, while increasing the lock with high precision in the algorithm speed is the key to fingerprint lock. Because the fingerprint of preservation, identification, updates are dependent on & other Cloud services & throughout; ,“ Cloud & throughout; End become intelligent lock to realize the remote unlock and false alarm lock, message delivery, records of intelligent functions such as hub, so also is particularly important for the choice of cloud service providers. Channel off: currently, most intelligent lock, chose the online mall or direct sales form, this pure electric business mode to ignore the value of the traditional channels. If you want to achieve in a short time the rapid popularity of intelligent lock, should integrate offline established dealer channel resources. At the beginning of the market development stage, the most intelligent lock is still strange to consumers, smart lock is rational decision making of the family, blindly online promotion, I'm afraid it's hard to work hard wide promotion mode. Intelligent lock open retail experience store, or with household building materials, hardware store, store display store channel such as cooperation, on-site experience to stimulate sales are more ground. Service: in different geographical environment, intelligent lock fire, cold, rain will have different standards; Intelligent lock into the door lock diverse conditions, such as the thickness of the security doors required for different matching is different also, installation or maintenance intelligent lock must be professional after-sales personnel door-to-door service. Because intelligent lock popularization is the trend of The Times, come up to some new smart lock brands on the market, whatever how production ability, needs huge capital investment in terms of service to the ground. And this, from the traditional business to the company -- shows the comparative advantage, offline online two-wheel driven O2O model is more suitable for smart lock sales and services, such as intelligence worry-free service platform can be online to send single, again by offline supplier or service personnel to provide after-sales service. In the long run, smart card lock market competition will depend on the product quality and offline services of supply chain system, whose foundation is the stronger, the more you get premium brand and home users trust. Then extend to other areas of smart home, it has more potential energy. Intelligent lock can become the breach of the smart home, shoulder the burden of family things get through, has yet to be test of the market.
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