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by:Level      2020-07-24
Family install door lock the door, I believe that most consumers would choose the traditional mechanical lock. Heat waves kept coming but as intelligent household products, fingerprint lock as an important part of smart home, also get faster development in the wave. Reported that zhuhai is installed on the market at present, the fingerprint lock demand increased year by year, the market expanding, there are a few high-grade building dish, luxury villa started according to different user needs to install intelligent fingerprint lock. Most consumers when buying door lock will still choose mechanical locks, mall or street hardware store put the locks also is given priority to with mechanical lock, rarely see smart locks, and dealers in inner city specializes in intelligent lock is not much. Intelligent fingerprint lock demand mainly in the high-end consumer groups, such as villa, high-end residential building owners and people to the life quality requirements higher, they has a high requirement on the details, intelligent fingerprint lock appearance and performance just point to their demand, products mainly import and domestic brands. As people in the pursuit of quality of life, living environment for security condition of attention, and the development of smart home, more and more people will choose the fingerprint lock. Intelligent fingerprint lock than the mechanical lock is expensive, high-grade imported lock WuLiuQian yuan price, domestic also want 23000 yuan, but with more excellent performance and security than mechanical lock, electronic lock in Europe and America accounted for 50% of the lock market penetration rate of 80% of South Korea's smart locks, and the prevalence rate of domestic households, less than 2%, according to the our city last year, sales of nearly 30000 suites calculation, if 10% of a house change intelligent fingerprint lock, annual sales of nearly one hundred million yuan, this is a very big market. Intelligent fingerprint locks have advantages such as security, convenient and fashionable. Based on April 5, 2012 association of Chinese interior decoration intelligence committee classification instruction manual of the smart home system products classification basis, smart home system products will be divided into 20 categories, one is the electric door lock. Convenient is the major characteristics of intelligent fingerprint lock than the mechanical lock, it removes the keys of human bondage, people don't have to worry about yourself and your family to go keys and lost the key. In addition, the high intelligent fingerprint lock security is also more and more consumers can accept. At present, the domestic mechanical lock lock is still in grade a or b level of security, and the fingerprint lock is made of super class b or c grade basic lock, electronic anti-theft lock body improve the performance of the pry proof, prevent violent demolition, improve the safety level of the household. At present, many consumers choose online purchase intelligent fingerprint lock, mainly than the entity shop cheap. HongYueZhang said, there are lots of problems for smart locks, online purchase any product is is a penny a points goods, intelligent lock as integrates light products, form a complete set of requirements for hardware is very high, the current online sales wupan yuan fingerprint lock of a less known and inferior brand it is difficult to achieve high quality. Followed by online purchase after-sale installation services difficult problems, such as the thickness of the security door different matching required lock hole is different also, so as to bring trouble to users. Buy intelligent fingerprint lock, therefore, should be to the manufacturer authorized entity shop experience after the purchase, you can enjoy the door installation and after-sales maintenance services.
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