Household which is more security locks and intelligent locks?

by:Level      2020-08-05
With the development of science and technology, intelligent locks before entering the family, we would be realized by the hotel have a key to open the door locks, at that time, though it is surprised that the development of science and technology, but also because of the way they use traditional locks and feel strange, now with the intelligent use of wide in multi-purpose household popularization, more and more people accept the smart locks and choose to use, so which is more intelligent lock and home lock for security? Most common problem is that in the vast majority of people or friends in don't know under the premise of intelligent lock, will think, hotel lock with household lock is the same, or even a few people would think the safety of the hotel better than home lock to lock, so what is the actual situation? Also can call it 'smart lock', then the difference between the two lies in where? Hotel locks, just as its name implies is used in hotel rooms, hotel room features is to use population fluidity big, so the key to use holder will change constantly, in order to better management, hotel lock of the door way must be a single and easy to replace, so most people will choose to use card hotel lock lock. For today's society, card lock technology is already very mature, card issuing and management through the management system can effectively solve the door lock, door lock management system is a computer, smart card reader ( Credit card machine) , management software, is responsible for the issuance of each function of IC card, the hotel, guests information management, customer service management and above information query function of statistics, and so on. Visible, use requirements of hotel lock is easy to manage, and easy to understand, easy to operation. Home lock is used for home, however, for the family, the members used is very stable, so for the convenience of operation requirement is very high, therefore, household lock of the door way are generally not more than one, such as password, fingerprint, remote control, credit card, mechanical keys and so on. For the types of lock, the vast number of people choose in fingerprint lock, which is also because the fingerprint has the stability, uniqueness and not easy to be copied, so the fingerprint lock is by far more secure and convenient way to open the door. So, we can see obviously, hotel locks with household opened the door lock is the biggest difference is that the mode and management mode, and involves the intelligent security lock is a lock core level and the structure of the lock body material, therefore, is not to say that the safety of hotel lock is higher than that of household lock. In terms of safety, part of the home intelligent lock is more outstanding. Above is the household's locked with the hotel which is more safe for all content, in today's society, the use of intelligent lock is more, in the center of the city for the countryside is less, but also to choose according to individual demand to apply smart lock. ​
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