How do consumers choose intelligent fingerprint lock

by:Level      2020-07-14
Fingerprint entry level of intelligent lock is already the intelligent household products, more than 3000 brands on the market, electricity giant, home appliance giants and so on are all incoming, think this blue ocean intelligent fingerprint lock market share. Taobao, alibaba web sites such as intelligent search fingerprint lock, price from several hundred to several thousand, many brands, but why use people so little? As consumers, and how to choose? Penetration low main reason, don't know, there are security concerns, after difficult, the price is high. Most consumers recognition and understanding of intelligent fingerprint lock is in fingerprint, password lock, without keys, etc. , the selling point of online publicity knowledge, basic didn't go to see, to use physical, cognitive was low. On the security front, the consumer will consider while convenient, security issues also can become more, such as several thousand dollars to buy the locks, what to do with broken broken, mobile phone unlocked, lost my mobile phone to do, what was hacked and so on. On after-sales issues, consumer is very seriously, the level of after-sales service and timely largely affects the consumer satisfaction. Price is the key of the consumers care about, now the pursuit of more is cost-effective. Thousands of RMB for the intelligent fingerprint lock the traditional mechanical locks, the price gap is too big, to a large group of consumers have stopped outside the door. For online those fingerprint intelligent lock or dollars, can? Dare to use? So, how do consumers choose intelligent fingerprint lock? Now most of the products on the market are more than one thousand to more than three thousand, the second to select normal smart door lock manufacturers, has a perfect after-sale system. For consumers, installation and after-sales is very concerned about, directly affect the use of experience, these all need to know.
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