How do you maintain fingerprint combination lock?

by:Level      2020-07-09
More and more families have installed using fingerprint combination lock, as a electronic product, also need good care of in the daily use, good maintenance, to make the fingerprint combination lock use longer, long service life. The following smart door lock factory to sort out some details need to be aware of. 1. Installation specification. Many fingerprint combination lock will often appear a few problems, the reason many of them are caused by non-standard installation, so, when buying a professional installation personnel to install, lower due to installation problems caused by the lock condition. 2. Don't slam the door, the handle is not hanging items. Open the door, after the habit of slam the door is closed is not good, life will have great influence on fingerprint combination lock. Close the door, make a press handle and close the door, loose his hand again. At the same time, the handle cannot be pensile article, will cause an effect to handle the flexibility. 3. Regular inspection. Fingerprint combination lock to use for a long time, can have dirt fingerprint acquisition quantico, available dry soft cloth to wipe, electricity shortage, need to change in time, and is all change, not the old and new batteries share. Regularly check whether the screw is loose, but don't free disassembly, need professional personnel to operate.
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