How smart door lock?

by:Level      2020-08-11
Life often have such things: only need a smart door lock can solve all the problems that what is smart door lock? Intelligent lock is refers to the difference between the traditional mechanical lock, in the aspect of user identification, security, manageability more intelligent lock, fingerprint lock, electronic combination lock, electronic induction lock locks, remote control lock concrete types such as locks, networking products. The advantage of smart door lock? Convenience: intelligent locks on the unlock operation more convenient, there is common way to unlock the fingerprint, password, mobile phone APP, CARDS, keys, etc. Such as to forget to bring my keys, not to open a door with a key, smart door lock can solve these weaknesses, daily life can really say goodbye to the key. Security: phantom technology password function, prevent leakage registration password. Whether a password is set, the door is open or closed, registration card number, password or door and battery replacement tips, the lock tongue blocking warned that in low voltage, etc. , were showed on the screen, the intelligent control. Confidentiality: put your fingers in the scanning of the lock in the top of the top-down scanning can, without the finger at the site of scanning, scanning way more reduce the fingerprint residue, greatly reduce the possibility of a fingerprint is copied, exclusive to safety. Interactive: can dock with the intelligent cat's eye is perfect, networking, namely by mobile phone app view open records at any time, know your family to go out into the situation, no matter where, can be unlocked remotely. Why do you want to replace ordinary lock? Now smart door lock is a lock, but improve the quality of life, to protect the safety of his family. When you have to understand the importance of a product or functionality, you must be willing to buy, after all, home security is a top priority. The fingerprint lock security, functionality and aesthetics, is definitely worth the consumer test. For smart new age today, the use of fingerprint lock is greatly improve their for smart home life experience.
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