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by:Level      2020-07-13
When we began to build its own intelligent household, from scratch, the process is not easy. This process there are many variables, and find out their needs, and how to own needs into reality, is also a science. We can take a look at the following ordinary users of smart home should a plan of how to implement. Good plan to start prior to the implementation, implementation list plan. We can go online to find the technique of smart home and help, with reference to some smart home tutorial, detail and connection drawings, such ability before start, bulletproof. Choose a good platform for intelligent household is still in the start-up phase, so the future will become more and more complex, including apple, Google and samsung giants are changing the fierce competition on the market. At present, including apple's the Brillo HomeKit, Google, etc. , have become the mainstream platform. And choose a platform mainly depends on the number of compatible device of reference and future development prospect. The advantage of the easy control of smart home smart home is all can control home on the sofa, therefore, good form should is smart watch on your wrist. Whether thermostat, multimedia or security cameras, all you just need to smart watch App. Beautiful intelligent lighting solution configuration to get started is through the Wi - intelligent household Fi control intelligent light bulbs. They use easy and effective, and at the same time can also play a warning role. And, more importantly, in addition to by Apple Watch or the Pebble smart Watch control, LED lighting light source can also save a lot of money. Install intelligent thermostat intelligent thermostat can bring more control to the heating in the home, and if by reasonable heating control, can help us save a lot of energy. At present, the Nest is intelligent thermostat market big star, and of course the Hive from England. Intelligent kitchen if your fridge is not intelligent, so there is what kind of food in the home won't be able to control at any time. Of course, there are smart coffee pot, smart washing machine, which can make you feel, intelligent kitchen has never been so cool. Big star in the field of intelligent security system intelligent security system including Nest Cam, Piper NV and Canary, the choice of these are on the market mainstream. Besides smart camera, of course, also can consider intelligent door locks. But smart door lock does not currently, and the price is more expensive. But believe that with the continuous development of technology, will be one by one to solve all these problems. Smart garden garden of intelligent, although not necessary, but it can bring us a lot of fun. In some smart sensors buried in the soil, can tell you including sunlight, temperature, moisture and soil PH key data, such as to the growth of the plants in the garden more healthy.
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