How to chase after super, how to build the domestic intelligent fingerprint lock brand | |

by:Level      2020-07-19
When the international brand lock into the domestic market, our fingerprint lock still live in small workshops, when the Internet began to wave, fingerprint lock are still living in hard work, in short, intelligent fingerprint lock every step of the development, than the time development lags behind, how to make track for super, how to build the domestic intelligent fingerprint lock brand, is facing many challenges, and to the Internet, people have started to stare at the organic combination of new ideas as currently envisaged, due to the intelligent fingerprint lock profits space is large, the locks of the retail price is compared to produce three or four times, and that for electricity, is undoubtedly a huge attraction, but at present, the fingerprint lock sales greatly depend on the service, including, maintenance, installation, setup, transportation problems, to solve the current after-sales service, facing many problems, it would be like home appliance, because still can't realize the country network maintenance and technical support, fingerprint lock factory is hard to realize the remote service will look to the future five years, our intelligent locks will further improve the brand construction, the intelligent fingerprint lock will be like home appliance, we can also meet national coinsurance, door-to-door service, while the Internet market, must also into the industry's competitive position, and relative entities operating shop, cost also from lower down, real benefit ordinary people. The fingerprint lock, a home security products, security and professionalism is very important. In order to ensure the safety of the goods, many customers will be in the network to understand the fingerprint lock, and then to the offline store field experience, thus brought certain traffic and sales for stores. At the same time, the fingerprint lock need professional installation to ensure its safety, and offline store has a good after-sales service resources, after-sales service and e-commerce. As a result, the customer in order to ensure after-sales service is more safe, more inclined to to the store to buy.
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