How to choose the hotel card locks card

by:Level      2020-07-31
Now most of the hotel, the guesthouse, etc are installed card door lock, can not only improve the level of the whole, also can save the management cost. But hotel card locks card types have two kinds, namely the T57 and M1 card, how should choose? How to choose actually very simple, look at the hotel or hotel with functional to determine, under normal circumstances, the single function of lodging, T57 card can meet, used to open the door and take electricity, management is simple and convenient. For some of the multi-function hotel, such as elevator control and consumption area, entrance guard, etc. , are set in the card, you will need to M1 card can realize, is often said that one cartoon function. There are 16 sectors, each sector is independent, open the door function only account for one of the sectors, can independently add other sectors.
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