How to design - guest room control system, the control area Guest room intelligent system

by:Level      2020-08-08

generally complete hotel room control system on the regional design respectively, using different operating mode to increase the coordination, the function of the regional Settings vary slightly, design methods are also different, here small make up take you to understand how to design the control area, guest room control system in various hotels and clubs can be according to the actual situation and characteristic design, let more matching control system with the hotel's daily work.

1, office area, Or is the lobby/reception area)

office staff office area and the manager's office, because most of the hotel staff office has two entrances, for the convenience of staff should to control the opening of the office area lamps and lanterns, the four key switch installed in the entrance, two entrances set 1, respectively to realize multipoint control. In addition, it is best to guest room control system - — Office system set a timer, the lighting can be controlled according to the time in the office, turn on light automatically before going to work every day, automatically shut down part of the loop during my lunch break, turn off the light automatically after work, the whole office area control of regulatory stronger. 2, guest room core region (

Cover the guest bedroom suites)

hotel room has two kinds of common rooms and superior rooms, common room only one bedroom and one toilet, and superior room also has a living room. Room control system through professional design company, according to the hotel lighting design drawings, the common room is equipped with the sitting room, toilet, aisle 3 road lighting circuit, therefore, at the entrance to the common room and the bed of a Neo series four key switch, guest room control system can realize multipoint control and remote control of the room.

senior guest room control system requirements are relatively high, not only to achieve local control, and shall provide the dimming control and scene control. According to the structure of the superior room layout, at the door of the bedroom, sitting room and the installation of a series of Neo four key switch, the sitting room is also set up a LCD touch screen and a five scene controller.

3, each characteristic functional areas ( Contains high water and other areas)

functional areas is the main place to hold all kinds of public activities, has the characteristics of large area, high space, its control requirement is relatively complex. Guest room control system design according to the lighting design drawings, according to the different dining time call the preset lighting scene mode, the banquet hall always stay soft, quiet and tastefully laid out and the lights of the environment.

for a large hotel, the regional system design is complex, so be sure to please the professional company to design hotel room control system, and before the design, the appeals of the responsible personnel must will hotel idea and basic expectations, etc. , and communicate with each other, so that we can realize customized development, can greatly increase the intelligent degree of the whole hotel. This kind of quality guaranteed room control system more cost-effective, stronger practicability.

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