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by:Level      2020-07-19
Along with the expansion of intelligent hotels also have corresponding requirements of electronic door lock, can not only reduce cost, and can follow fashion, give the guests a good experience. But there are many brand hotel door lock on the market, good times, so how to choose? 1. See brand background selected hotel door lock, to see whether the brand has a corresponding background, is the independent research and development production manufacturers, and OEM OEM, for after after-sales service experience are closely related. 2. Good locks on the surface of smooth surface is clear, no rough feel. Check whether smooth speculated that the coating quality and bright chrome, painted parts, such as whether to evenly, and so on. 3. Lock lock is just like human heart, its importance is self-evident. Lock more points, as long as the lock was breached, lock also useless. Currently collocation is class C good lock core, on the safety performance is much higher than grade A, grade B lock core, mutual opening rate is low, the technical opening, etc. 4. Alarm functions generally good hotel card lock has abnormal alarm functions, in case such as the door was shut, low power, there will be a reminder.
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