How to give with a safe and reliable intelligent door locks at home?

by:Level      2020-07-12
Now society, many people are buying smart door lock is often the first focus is level sex in appearance, and ignore the quality of its own and security, etc. , so when buying smart door locks, there are some necessary principles. 1. Choose to have a certain visibility, and quality assurance smart door lock manufacturers, quality and after-sale, is used for a long time. 2. When buy, need to communicate clearly, holding whether can install smart door locks, and whether or not to bring a hook, door open direction of heaven and earth, door thickness data, etc. , to prevent after purchase can't use or installation. 3. Smart door lock function is numerous, but not the more the better function, functional and safety stability is relative, the function, the stability is relatively poor, so the choice of the function, used and required functionality. 4. Level of appearance and do not represent the stand or fall of intelligent door locks. Match the door of the smart door lock is important, but also under the premise of quality and safety, to consider the matter of appearance level.
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