How to identify the sauna lock

by:Level      2020-08-08
As a result of the social technology progress nowadays more and more household electronic lock products, household electronic lock most are based on the induction is given priority to, so in this focus on the next sauna lock. First, sauna lock design is diverse, in choosing a sauna lock to see appearance, choice of design to meet your decoration, the surface is fine, is made of what material, material is also diversified styles, choose what kind of material is also vary from person to person, some people will choose to ordinary, some people may also choose stainless steel, this is to see people from by choice, but the induction zone is not can be metal, because is the induction area so can't is metal, not handsome, that may influence the agility of the products, so the induction area should choose to use plastic engineering plastics as well ( The hardness and metal compared) And zinc alloy or aluminum alloy material, plastic more sauna lock generally don't recommend directly installed on the door, the principle of everyone can understand, in to be picked the lock body, this is very important, to see if the thickness of the lock body minimum installation size and your door is suitable for, is not suitable for something don't buy it. Is to look at the hole is in line with the international standard, now it is useful to the international standard and the standard of two kinds of lock body opening way, the benefits of using international standards are easy to find help in your door opening engineering personnel and equipment, so it is convenient to install, at the time of purchase to pay attention to see if there are with sauna lock management system, how to operate? To ask clear and their operation are appropriate, the best is the system is loaded on the sauna lock directly, because many other equipment installation, the first is easy to lose the second time without more or less can be a problem, the third installation of other equipment, equipment and lock the links between is also our ordinary people cannot understand, more difficult to understand, also on the lock from direct management will also be able to avoid these problems, see next is the induction card system, how to know the price of the card, how to buy, was how to match, the last is the problem of after-sales, after understanding after-sales problem was no problem, sauna lock can normal use, increase the use of consumer confidence. ​
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