How to judge the quality of the hotel smart door lock? - Room control system

by:Level      2020-08-11

due to the development of intelligence industry, has entered the era of intelligent door lock industry, the traditional locks and intelligent technology derived from the combination of the hotel smart door lock, provide higher security defense for hotel guests. So as a procurement staff of the hotel, in purchasing hotel smart door lock when how to distinguish the quality of the lock? Below small make up to introduce several ways of quality of hotel smart door lock.

    1. See material pledge

reputable hotel smart door lock manufacturers, hotel intelligent lock usually USES three main material, plastic, zinc alloy and stainless steel. With stainless steel material and among them is the best. Procurement staff in identifying quality of door lock, to 'weigh' judging way, stainless steel hotel smart door lock usually have a greater weight.

2。 Try function

here mainly refers to the 'test function' test hotel smart door lock open response velocity and precision of the sensor. At the time of test, will make a good room CARDS placed in sensors around, hotel smart door lock of electromagnetic sensors sensitive reaction, room door open speed will be faster, slower, conversely, the faster the reaction shows that the hotel intelligence, the better the performance of the lock.

3。 See insert core

when identify the quality of the hotel smart door lock, in addition to want to see the lock body and material, pay attention to observe the lock core is also very important. When identification can be from two aspects: a look at the core of the material, the two core lock point. Usually, use stainless steel material, and lock more insert core quality will be better, and fire, explosion-proof pry performance, also will be better.

believe every hotel want to be able to purchase to high-end hotel smart door lock to use, and high-end smart door lock is not only reflected in the appearance of the lock design, but also in the hotel smart door lock material, function, etc. , so, procurement staff in purchasing hotel smart door lock when it is important to note that through these aspects to identify the quality of the door, make sure to buy the most reliable quality of the hotel smart door lock.

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