How to lengthen the service life of the fingerprint combination lock?

by:Level      2020-07-19
In the 21st century, China's biometrics lit fire, make the fingerprint combination lock industry has been developing rapidly. But some of the fingerprint combination lock shorter working life, to meet the users to characteristics such as durability, convenience, safety and fashion. The same type of fingerprint combination lock, due to the design level, manufacturing quality, use the environment as well as the customer's use and management level is different, its service life will have a huge difference. Prolong the service life of the fingerprint combination lock key one: reliability design is the main factor reliability design. Affect the service life of the fingerprint combination lock design mainly has three points: 1. Structure design of the lock. Put not safe, lock the door of the mechanical structure design is critical. Affecting the structure design and technology mainly is the lock and clutch motor technology. Advanced lock technology is currently, the combination of the three-dimensional structure and gear transmission structure that 2. Lock body's overall structure and the selection of materials. At present to adopt international popular combination lock in the cast steel structure integration of the fingerprint is strong, durable. Handle the reliability of the design, not easy to loose cylindrical positioning should be adopted, with two-way positioning spring, ensure state level; Using damping technology, when opening should not be friction between the metal body; Handle should take storage nest, always keep lubricating oil, not for long time no influence and friction lubricating oils; Handle the idling of design, adopt new & other; Detached totally enclosed motor clutch design & throughout; Technology, when the clutch is closed, handle stress, when the clutch out, the handle is idle, clutch force, not truly to prevent damage to handle, and prevent the destruction of the internal structure from breaking the handle to open the door. Key 2: stability design usually there are three main factors which influence the stability of electronic lock, including: 1. The stability and reliability of the locking structure and the structure of the clutch; 2. Stability and reliability, the status of the motor of the standard is to see whether the carbon brush type use special motor; 3. Logic circuit part of the stability and anti-jamming, of the standard is to see whether there is a protection circuit design, etc. Good maintainability & amp; Use new material if the fingerprint combination lock good maintainability, easy maintenance, can adopt & other; Low cost rapid repair & throughout; Combination lock, can make the fingerprint often in good technical condition, once failed, due to low cost fast repair, without a new replacement or new fingerprint combination lock, it actually to extend the service life of the fingerprint combination lock. In addition, when designing the fingerprint combination lock, according to the fingerprint combination lock performance standards and requirements that meet the needs of the new material use, is also a good way to prolong the service life of the fingerprint combination lock, such as lock body shell is made of alloy material and after treated nano fingerprint trick lock, the total is strong and durable than the plastic lock body and easy maintenance. The fingerprints on the premise of the rational use of the market combination lock to fingerprints, password, the use function of triad mechanical key to open door lock, and open as bluetooth, mobile phone APP, intelligent household and so on are all based on the triad on extended on the basis of the development of. After installation of fingerprint combination lock, after three open means testing qualified, under normal circumstances will no longer use mechanical keys. Often use password keyboard, but with the password to open the door is few and far between. Password function mainly used for electricity, in order to use the fingerprint to open the door. From the Angle of the rationality of the design, the role of the password is very good, if password input error, fingerprint combination lock at the meeting is not electricity, is a fingerprint is not used, the second is to save electricity. Fingerprint combination lock just as its name implies is to open a door with a fingerprint, the use cost of living fingerprint is zero, the fingerprint is their own, how to use reasonable unreasonable problems. Therefore, as long as it is a door with a fingerprint, fingerprint combination lock can ensure health & other Longevity & throughout; , will not cause the fingerprint combination lock failure occurs frequently, will not affect the normal use of fingerprint combination lock, not shorten the service life of the fingerprint combination lock, will not make the fingerprint combination lock damage. In addition, in different parts of the environmental factors can also affect the service life of fingerprint combination lock, such as temperature and humidity, air pressure, pollution and the influence of factors such as sunlight, rain and snow is very big also. When buying a fingerprint combination lock and should not be ignored the environmental factor, of their own should choose qualified fingerprint combination lock, many vendors show that their products are resistant to bad environment, but compare, then make a decision after test is preferred. Daily maintenance & amp; Timely maintenance repair work is an important link in extending the service life of the fingerprint combination lock, adopt reasonable maintenance method can effectively extend the service life of the fingerprint combination lock. Must do a good job of the fingerprint combination lock daily maintenance, keep the fingerprint combination lock good technical state; To trick lock, the correct operation and use of fingerprint to reduce and prevent human error caused the fingerprint fault combination lock. To do right regular and not regular maintenance reasonably, keep the fingerprint combination lock clean, clean, regular check fingerprint technology condition combination, processing, if it is abnormal for loosening and dysfunctional parts tighten and adjust in time, for some parts for preventive replacement.
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