How to purchase a good fingerprint door lock?

by:Level      2020-07-19
Fingerprint lock on the market price of the product is complex, a fingerprint lock price from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of yuan. According to the process of fingerprint lock, configuration, function, service, brand, etc. , the fingerprint lock on market can be roughly divided into three price levels. Market of fingerprint lock can be divided into three big levels: basic no brand products: this kind of product is just a small factory or bought some cheap original assembly workshop. Intermediate goods: this kind of product production enterprise often has a certain size and strength, in the production process has greatly improved, but generally don't have any patent technology. High-end products: this kind of product production enterprise for more commonly fingerprint lock industry is well-known domestic enterprises ( In the fingerprint lock industry, there is no absolute leading enterprises) , stability in products and after-sales service has certain security, of course, this kind of product is often that fingerprint lock high-end products. From the perspective of consumption, the high quality products manufacturers not yourself, who is the consumer's reputation for evaluation. High-end products can ensure product quality and after-sales service and perfect, word of mouth naturally good, so the fingerprint lock the grade division, besides the brand benefit, the most important thing is to service. Will tell from the technology, production of high quality fingerprint lock, besides to exert the advantages of mechanical parts assembly, need on the fingerprint core parts with high quality, stability and accuracy; If we can hold is patent product structure, production process and product testing core part, these will be high quality fingerprint lock of the birth of the premise. From the configuration, fingerprint lock, as a kind of electronic product, the quality problems in use process is inevitable, therefore, how to reduce the product in the field of interior design and the connection holes and the error rate, it explicitly especially important. In assembly link, therefore, need system mode, first-class fingerprint lock manufacturing enterprises will not only have good research and development department, in the electronic assembly process specification and test and debug level of module and a lock body is perfect. Will tell from the function, strong technology, the stability of the configuration, enables each fingerprint lock function can be compatible, and low failure rate, only have a certain strength of fingerprint lock manufacturing enterprises can do that. Unlike phones within limited capacity, the mainstream of fingerprint locks with sensor area is at least more than 2 times of mobile phone chips. Most fingerprint door lock algorithm scheme with traditional fingerprint characteristics of the algorithm is given priority to, in order to improve the release speed and experience, some vendors will take traditional algorithm and the image algorithm combining scheme.
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