How to quickly understand and follow the steps hotel locks

by:Level      2020-08-04
A, software license, and add the room number 1, software license, software licensing card on card reader, found in the downloaded software licensing, click on the authorization. 2, change passwords, add operators and give different permissions. 3, set up the hotel layout, add - hotel building District - Area - Floor. 4, add the room type, add the room number ( Room number must correspond to the correct floor - District - Area and floor) 。 Second, the setting time and initialization, card room setting (1 Each room card, labeled for room number) 2, the time card ( Time card is used immediately brush immediately, more than 1 hour to be redone) 3, the initialization card ( Can also be called to remove card, which is used to remove lock authorization information) Three, the last is to detect and set the lock information 1, check whether the door lock is installed correctly, batteries have installed. 2, set up the lock information, order: brush - door lock authorization card Room set up card, Brush the corresponding room number) Time card, if all normal lights, indicates success. Brush 3, test, and the corresponding room guest card, the right to open the door. ​
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