How to select intelligent locks can be 'true security'

by:Level      2020-07-19
A grade B class lock stop thieves burglary cases generally 1 a. m. to 4 o 'clock in the morning, at 8 am to 11 am and 3 PM to 5 PM it three times. Now A lot of lock to prevent technical opening more low grade A or grade B anti-theft lock core. In accordance with relevant provisions of the national standards, A grade lock technical opening time for 1 minute, B class lock technical opening time for 5 minutes. Class C lock really use C lock anti-theft lock, lock the c-class against technology open time of 270 minutes or more, prevent violence opens more than 30 minutes, change the locks to upgrade to the C level of mechanical lock can effective prevention and control technology of locks burglary. Lock switch lock at the same time must look for the public security organ for the record of formal units, and view the unlock personnel qualifications, not covet is cheap believe casual posted at the gate of small ads, unqualified lead to install locks and keys to steal. Locks analysis: grade A lock on the market at present A level anti-theft lock the keys are A key word keys and cross. Internal structure is very simple, grade A lock core is limited to the change of the marbles, billiard groove less and shallow. The technical open time within 1 minute, mutual opening rate is high. Billiard structure for single row marbles or cross lock. Grade B lock B class lock key as flat key, A double row ball groove, unlike A grade lock is key to face more than A row of winding irregular lines. Three, lock the main type of computer double row lock, double row crescent lock, double-sided Ye Piansuo core. The technical open time 5 minutes, mutual opening rate is high. Through strong torsion tools, one minute can open the lock. < 跨风格= ' 美索- spacerun:“ 是的' ; font- Family: song typeface. 美索- ascii - font- family:Calibri; 美索- hansi - font- family:Calibri; 美索- bidi -
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