Huawei bulletproof, intelligent lock riot, domestic male!

by:Level      2020-07-26
Recently there is a joke: huawei, samsung, apple together dou landlord, apple out of 7, 9, huawei samsung: Fried. Jokes from the hot recent speculation, 'samsung mobile phone explosion' news, reported the explosion source for the battery. Samsung recall all of the 2. 5 million mobile phones ( No Chinese) , direct economic loss of 1 billion dollars, in addition, the civil aviation administration has issued a safety alert, prohibit to use the phone on the plane, do not rule out the follow-up Note 7 will ban take on the plane, if not checked. More let the people tremble with fear, with the continuous explosion and global 'ultimatum', how many years samsung advertising with how much money with shiny brand probably from now on and the 'dangerous goods' can't get away! If samsung brand from dim, the loss, incalculable! In contrast, made in China today, no longer the former under wu meng, has long been based in stocks, coat off 'shanzhai', declared war on the world. Made in China is getting better and better quality, brand has become more and more big, more and more popular all over the world! Huawei, as the pioneer of domestic mobile phone, has been used with big brands like apple, samsung, samsung was the only one that can be used to compare with apple boo head of brand, at that time the samsung note series is a symbol of big, apple is a symbol of long, for huawei really fire up nearly three years, it is a strength, not by heavily advertised, but with the quality, word of mouth publicity of brand benefit, let more people choose huawei, believe in made in China. As a leader in the intelligent lock, national large enterprises in guangdong, intelligent lock nor fear and samsung foreign brands. In manufacturing have such a words: see Europe and the United States before the 1970 s, 90 s Japan, see China in the 21st century. Across the world, made in China are increasingly playing a 'leader' role, shocked the world! 'Ignore quality, it's suicide. Target is the excellent intelligent lock products, reliable quality, superior lifetime efficiency cost ratio and effective service, satisfy the increasing needs of the customers. Quality is our self-esteem. 'Whether huawei, or become bigger and stronger, is hoping to home products out of the world, won the world. For Chinese enterprises to go! For the Chinese manufacturing thumb up!
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