Join the trap! For you expose induction lock shanzhai factory eight 'pit'

by:Level      2020-07-26
Trap a: induction, IC card lock circuit part of the brand image shaping good, raw product performance management system is good, can mechanical process, Carmen lock circuit part TM can also, but induction, IC card lock circuit part quality unsatisfactory, special induction door lock, the static current is larger, information loss, easy to maintenance work is bigger also, maintenance cost is higher also, sales department, after-sale management disorderly. Trap 2: induction battery big problems with the lock is part of the door lock in plateau climate, shanzhai induction lock using alkaline batteries many a month will need to change the new battery. Induction lock the battery with normal 0. 5 to 0. 6 yuan a grain, usually can use more than one year, there are about ten months. Trap 3: circuit is poor, poor service attitude can also some fake brand machinery production strength, some basic circuit to entrust a company in guangzhou development, mechanical process can also, circuit is not stable, upgrade is slow, the special ( Such as networking, philips, etc. ) Generally no or development is slow, the product style, the locks in its brand like, get some figure process such as a battery pack to attract customers, counterfeit brand after-sales reflects the poor also, other customers reflect buy lock after purchase the screws are to collect fees. Trap 4: famous for cheap, specializing three famous for cheap lock tongue pit customers, designed to do three tongue locks, lock tongue no collision mechanism ( Because less a mechanism and can be 4 ~ 5 yuan cheaper) 。 Now the basic sales is square ( Old) The cheap stuff, general decoration engineering contractor for materials with much, quality is poorer, more circuit maintenance. Trap 5: propaganda pattern is good, after more disorderly, propaganda pattern high charges for good, for a while it is waterproof, a moment is a touch screen, a moment is wireless access to electricity, will cooperate with Beijing university a, always wanted to improve the fame, but the basic or mainly by selling cheap smart locks, after-sale more disorderly, charge higher. Trap six: buy hardware components, poor quality system hardware in shenzhen to buy the hardware components, main market of the public can't innovation style, circuit quality, poor quality system, mainly in the adornment of the guangzhou market sales trap 7: simple operation, enterprise scale is small, no production line is mainly for mechanical stamping, do lock body, there are customers to sell goods to buy the circuit back to the assembly, mechanical, electronic and has the size of the manufacturer to a different level, enterprise scale is more different, compare products have experience or visit the production line. Trap 8: outsourcing parts come back assembly, the quality is not guarantee all the other small factory OEM, basically all production workers, business does not have quality you can imagine, visit the company can understand that they are all purchased parts come back assembly, no guarantee quality, no production workshop, the office is in shenzhen office, to visit the company can understand.
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