Large collection of data, cloud services, and artificial intelligence technology of door lock products

by:Level      2020-07-26
Smart hardware - — Large collection of data, cloud services, and artificial intelligence technology of intelligent hardware products, such as smart homes, smart TV, intelligent lighting, smart door locks, cabinet, intelligent air conditioning, such as intelligent washing machines. Extends to the IC card electronic door locks, electronic combination lock, encryption card door lock, fingerprint lock, such as high-end locks, intelligent high technical content, lock companies in the industrial product modeling design into the culture, the personality grade at the same time, more prominent characteristics of humanization, individuation. The rise of intelligent hardware, at present, the technology and science and technology content is higher intelligent lock, its unique convenience, fingerprint uniqueness, no copy, easy to carry, don't forget, missing features, has a more broad market prospect. Pay attention to technology and quality certification, let the product standards and the international community, it is of primary importance to the intelligent lock the big enterprise, simple, for example, people to use the lock ( Intelligent lock) Demand to see safety factor, especially for the fingerprint lock, more should pay attention to product appearance and open response speed; Also depends on the material, the material is about fingerprint lock service life, good material to use and comfortable; At the same time, also depends on the stability of when using, it is also very important. The demand for smart people, more and more embodied in human nature. When the product is the better user experience, the more competitive market. As gree dong mingzhu said: 'the zero distance between consumers and services, is the best service. 'Especially in the field of intelligent hardware. As a professional scale enterprise, its products cover dozens more fingerprint locks, hotel locks, induction, combination lock, sauna lock, electronic door locks, etc. , each product at all times maintain a constant innovation, so as to promote its achievement industry leading brand. In addition, the seventh generation intelligent lock autofocus fingerprint identification, the seventh generation hotel door lock is a maintenance free system technology, general needle lock body products effectively improve the competitive products, closer to the tens of millions of home users and user experience of 'smart' hotel, in product quality, reasonable price, after-sales service and so on, a series of products for the best user experience. In short, smart hardware, lock companies on the user experience and product humanization more attention, have a good product, combined with the focus on the user experience and reasonable layout online platform, is the lock enterprise businesses breakthrough market through strong innovation measures.
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