Large fingerprint lock manufacturers compared with small brands more than leading five o 'clock

by:Level      2020-07-30
Fingerprint lock brand is numerous, now there are a lot more degree of enterprise are bullish on the market prospect of the electronic door lock, major manufacturers have launched their own new products, not only satisfy the nowadays the rapid development of smart home, more to consolidate the enterprise in the market & other; Industry bosses & throughout; Status. For joining cooperate customers to choose brand, for which a few aspects to evaluate? And how to choose for themselves a long partner? We can introduce fingerprint lock the scale of the big producers were analyzed: 1, the research and development ability, the original is the fingerprint lock manufacturers have advantages, itself has a certain team, usually with a certain economic strength, have the ability to meet the needs of the development of resources. 2, quality: the original is the fingerprint lock manufacturers have advantages, itself has perfect production management system, has a complete set of locks of testing equipment, laboratory. Single do fingerprint lock manufacturers, production scale small generally not equipped with perfect testing equipment, quality is difficult to guarantee. 3, production strength: monthly sales also is not very big, do a single fingerprint lock manufacturers, production staff is very small, there will be no systemic production processes, such as receive a single project is to add outside even when a large number of temporary workers to make, it is difficult to guarantee quality. The advantage of fingerprint lock, itself has perfect production management system, production can use the original fingerprint lock production lines, large amount of small amount of, not affect product quality. 4, after-sales: single do fingerprint lock manufacturers, a single product market is immature, difficult to have perfect after-sales team and network, the original is the fingerprint lock manufacturers have advantages, using the original after-sales team and network, after 5, guaranteed the product cost: the fingerprint lock factory itself in fingerprint lock market have a certain income, production and after-sale resources can be Shared, to purchasing cost is reduced greatly. Single small production orders of fingerprint lock, small amount of parts procurement unit price is higher than the original fingerprint lock manufacturers, 6, the overall quality of products: single fingerprint lock manufacturers, generally no hardware production workshop, design a lock shell outside the job back to assembly, or change for intelligent lock shell to add fingerprint lock, lock in vitro to buy ready-made mechanical lock lock body or ordinary fingerprint lock with the lock body, cannot meet the needs of used as a high-end products and occasions. Lock body is an important part of the whole lock, fingerprint lock factory is according to the situation, product positioning, generally develop high technical content of stainless steel or more tongue lock body, heaven and earth to a number of anti-theft function, etc. Has the high technical content of the lock body will not sell lock body for other manufacturers. Comprehensive analysis and numerous brand of fingerprint lock, fingerprint lock different mechanical lock, fingerprint lock claim to the manufacturer must have a strong after-sales service. Product stability is a systematic support. Products cost-effective is a large sales to reduce the production cost, to have enough sales to guarantee the perfect after-sales network, system.
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