Let the sauna lock more durable

by:Level      2020-08-12
Everything has a service life, so in order to make the sauna lock is more durable, how should do? 1, clock calibration for sauna lock lock clock internal system is very important, must not accurate will affect the use of the key card, periodic inspection and calibration become very important in time, timely calibration, the method to set the clock. Power of sauna lock for repair, if more than 10 minutes, you should reset the lock clock after repair. 2, filling lubricating oil as a sauna lock lock core of the main mechanical structure, natural cannot ignore maintenance. Find the lock is not very flexible or can't keep the correct position, then should be to lock filling lubricating oil: remove plaque, oil gun to lock core injection, turned the handle and knob, until the door lock is flexible. 3, check the lock body and lock lock body and lock the gusset plate clearance fit clearance of gusset plate also need timely check, the lock tongue with lock the discretion of the gusset plate hole is consistent, door and door frame best fit clearance is 1. 5mm- 2. 5mm。 If not, the position of the door hinge or lock gusset plate can be adjusted. At the same time, pay attention to the weather heat bilges cold shrink, to ensure that the door and door frame, lock body and lock appropriate clearance of gusset plate. Prepare mechanical key to open the lock after go out for a long time, avoid intelligent lock strike met because its battery runs out, ready to mechanical keys cannot be ignored. Remember to open after sauna lock, also remember to replace the battery of sauna lock, restore normal function. ​
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