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by:Level      2020-07-17
Along with the Internet technology development, intelligent household application scenario gradually from & other; Family entrance & throughout; The rise. It is understood that the fingerprint lock use human biometric fingerprint authentication security identification to open the door, with high-tech digital image principle, biometric and DSP algorithms, such as technology, become a new generation to meet the requirements of modern security access system. At present, the fingerprint lock has been widely used in government agencies, Banks, such as apartment need security and privacy. Fingerprint identification technology development trend, with the help of a smart home added new application scenarios, behind the commercial potential of biological recognition technology are highlighted. Biometric technology is based on human identity recognition of the biometric technology, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, voice recognition and iris recognition, etc. Human biological characteristics, measurement, automatic identification and verification, lifelong, etc, thus biometric technology compared with traditional recognition with the advantages of intelligent and higher accuracy. Fingerprint recognition is a biometric application starting point, is often used in locks, attendance, entrance guard, computer, mobile phone, bank payment and safe, and other fields, but also is simple, practical and application are now a mature way of identification. With strong Internet, Internet financial fields such as information security a surge in demand, which provide the basis of the further development of biometrics. Face recognition is a higher level of the fingerprint recognition technology, the technology is mature, and applied to the security, community and other fields. Used in the financial products such as alibaba, tencent, face recognition, this technology will rise to a new level. In 2012, according to data market scale industry of our country face recognition about 16. 700 million yuan, is expected to 2016, our country face recognition industry market scale will reach 7. 5 billion yuan, the market will be more than billions of potential future. Compared with face recognition, iris recognition and vein authentication technology in theory more scientific and reliable, has a deterrent to rate low, biological features not easy damage, difficult to counterfeit, replication advantage. Iris recognition, in particular, has long been regarded as a biometric, safe way.
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