Look from the history of mobile intelligent lock future trends

by:Level      2020-08-04
Throughout the development of intelligent lock industry in China, it is easy to let a person associate to the development of mobile phones in China. Because intelligent lock industry in China is to repeat phone once the road of development. First of all, let's review the brief history of the development of China's mobile phone: the first stage: foreign brand monopoly in the Chinese market. In 1993, ( Mobile) To enter the Chinese mainland, become China's first mobile phone, marked the beginning of China into the era of mobile phones. But in the early 90 s, China mobile phone market basically monopolized by foreign brands; The second stage: domestic brands. Appeared in the late 90 s China's first mobile phone brands, such as brand mobile phone have disappeared, and then later brand mobile phone, etc. The third stage: the era of shanzhai phones. 2004 - In 2010, each big mobile phone accessories can find here, also let China into the era of everyone can be assembled shanzhai mobile phone, and in such a background, the mobile phone industry started a price war. Stage 4: innovation stage of development. 2010 years later, with the popularity of smart phones, shanzhai mobile phone brands gradually towards the death, especially in recent years, the user is more and more emphasis on product quality, appearance, function innovation, to create the leading technology in the mobile phone brand, each big manufacturer is no longer keen on 'price war', in their respective area of intensive cultivation. Head enterprises and several big industry occupies more than 80% market share, small brands, shanzhai manufacturers almost no living space. Brand mobile phones so can survive, because always adhere to the original in numerous brands, insisting on development, stick to their characteristics. Most importantly, the brand has not gone low-end route, poor quality and low price. Throughout the entire mobile phone industry, the price of the most high-end phones in 3000 yuan of above, mid-range phones are more than 1000; Even the main price. This shows that with the increase of living standards, people's consumption concept has been transformed from price to value factors, people pay more and more attention to the value of the product. Come back to see intelligent lock industry. At present, the intelligent lock industry in China has come a phone first and the second stage. Intelligent lock industry in the early 90 s, China just started, when most of high-end hotel brand monopoly by foreign hotel lock, homebred brand that intelligent lock is most early starts from the imitation of the south Korean intelligence lock. Unfortunately the intelligent lock enterprise started in the early 90 s, has become a pioneer in mostly, but laid the foundation of China's smart lock. After 2010, the Chinese intelligent lock industry began to develop rapidly, the influx of enterprises more and more, at the same time, the household intelligent lock began to rise, especially in some high-end residential, intelligent lock gradually become the standard. By 2015, the Chinese intelligent lock market demand for 2 million sets. Now, smart phone lock industry has entered the third stage of development, namely into the mutual imitation and copying the strongholds of era, and a low price competition has become a stronghold of intelligent lock brand competition edge tool. At present, intelligent lock industry have a ready-made plan, fingerprint module, circuit boards, lock body, lock core, master control chip and related accessories, shanzhai companies can produce smart locks with different finishing. Today, like age of shanzhai phones, any enterprise or individual can be a smart lock manufacturing enterprises, may will also appear intelligent lock industry. From the perspective of the development of mobile phone, imitation is not a long-term solution, most enterprises is extremely popular, and even a lot of flash in the pan. Can really stand out from the hundreds of thousands of brands of few and far between. As the market matures and the rising awareness of the users for smart locks, intelligent lock is bound to like the mobile phone will be in the next three to five years into the fourth stage of development. And those without innovation ability and strength, and low-cost route, using fake thinking to do intelligent lock enterprise is bound to ruin, was forgotten by market and customers. The author thinks that, at the end of the third stage of development after price wars and shuffle, intelligent lock will like cell phones into rational era of competition, only adhere to the original, insist on black science and technology, adhere to high levels of appearance and smart locks enterprises to survive. , based on the principles of 'and' principle, after a round of shuffling, intelligent lock industry at least 80% of enterprises will be eliminated by the market, only 20% of the enterprise can survive, that is to say die at least seven or eight intelligent lock industry hundred enterprises. And will be around 10 companies enterprises can become the head enterprise, will account for more than 80% market share. Intelligent lock industry into the mobile phone after the fourth stage of development, enterprise's competition will be from price competition to brand war, science and technology ( Including function, innovation, research and development, etc) War, appearance of war, war service level transfer, original smart locks enterprise in the future will become the largest competitive advantage and edge tool, that is the future intelligent lock industry will enter the era of intensive cultivation, only do the product, the quality, the brand is the 'human right' war '.
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