Lost the key, use the fingerprint lock, don't shout 'blue thin mushroom'

by:Level      2020-07-29
Nanning little brother's 'blue thin, xianggu mushroom, little elder brother is really very sad. Remember when I was a child, once accidentally lost the key to the home, mom severely hit, very 'mushroom', a 'blue thin' a few days later, mother gave me and help me with the new, easy to then I asked 1: mom, the key must be very expensive? Otherwise, how do you to I laid hands on him so malicious? Then my mom said, is not expensive, a dollar. My mother had said, the key is not expensive, the problem is you lost the key, also shouted everywhere, you are so afraid of other people don't know is the key of the house of our lost, if bad guy picked up, open the door to steal something? My mama ah, the reason why you beat me, let me very 'mushroom', a 'thin' blue. The lost keys are parents scolded, really is a 'blue thin, mushroom'. But in fact, life is beautiful, the call is useless, children lose something of the bad habit, if a made it again, that the child without a long memory, you need to give him to strengthen, a '80 glory series' fingerprint lock! To solve the 'lock' have trouble! Enjoy a happy life without keys! Now, it's a pay attention to the era of highly efficient high-yield, mechanical lock already can't meet our requirements, and intelligent fingerprint lock, for we can't solve all the problems solved the mechanical lock, intelligent fingerprint lock, fashion, safe, convenient, smart, makes up for the mechanical lock all the shortcomings. Mechanical lock in ordinary life encountered in the 8 let person 'blue thin mushroom' thing: 1: when go out every day must take a string's 'blue thin mushroom' key, don't know where you left them enough. In his pocket, too heavy too drum. On the belt, indecent. Bags can also, many men didn't have the habit of package again. 2: every day over and over again to find different keys, open different locks. If you just use a few key shape similar, it is not so good. If happens to catch up with the blackout, dark, can you tell which to open the door, which open the door? 3: a kid at home often lost the key. Don't change the lock don't safety, for security, so we have to frequently change the locks. So that security is had, but the cost is very high, and the damage of the steel is also big, reduce the service life of the door. 4: in life if you encounter such a prank, it allows you to 'blue thin mushroom' very much! Is your home door keyhole was clogged with things! 5: nanny or when guests leave, although they have returned to the key, but do you have a worry, worry about their replication in private keys, affect the safety of home. To be on the safe side, at this point you have only one choice, is to want to change a new lock, and to spend money. 6: suppose you around some ulterior motives for you, you can absolutely guarantee house keys have not been take the impression? Streets are everywhere with key services, as long as a few dollars for a few minutes, can make a key to the lock can drive you home. 7: the emergency unlock business streets are everywhere, although in case of accident, can bring great convenience to you. But when you see them you can open the home with no advanced anti-theft lock, you will want to this lock is too unsafe, must change the good tomorrow. Frequently in the lock, and to spend money, but not safe. Only the fingerprint lock can once and for all 8: to decorate your new home, will the door keys to decorate a company. Renovated, will immediately to the developer with the door lock and change, this means that you will spend money, does it make you very 'blue thin mushroom'. Returned home after a long day of hard work, even if it is dark, also need not looking for keyhole in the dark, as long as easily put the finger on the recognizer, verification through, the door will open automatically. No doubt, fingerprint lock is to your life is simple! ! The door must be child home with much place, go home to see figure will always be a child, the fingerprint lock let whole home filled with love, fingerprint lock to release the permanent charm, as the years passed, only will be more and more beautiful, more and more warm. All not specified & quot; Manuscript source & quot; Content are reprinted draft, & lt; Intelligent lock & gt; Website reprint, editing, for information purposes; For reprint manuscript involves the copyright issues, please contact the author us!
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