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by:Level      2020-07-14
Throw away the key, easy life! Use of fingerprint lock, will bring you & other; Fly & throughout; General experience. , just click on the fingerprint door lock can be opened easily, we don't have to worry about forgot to take my keys trouble! Fingerprint lock, as the era of intelligent security products, and will gradually replace the traditional mechanical lock, and become a symbol of modern life. At present, in South Korea, the fingerprint lock family rate above 80%, but it has not been popular, in the domestic several main reasons:, domestic fingerprint lock industry is still not fully mature, consumer's perception of the fingerprint lock is not comprehensive, not familiar with the product, will think fingerprint lock operation is complicated, difficult to skilled operation, also has some consumers skeptical on the safety of fingerprint lock. , the consumer that fingerprint lock of the price will be more expensive, most & other; Off & throughout; 。 Third, most of the domestic fingerprint lock enterprise means relative to the traditional, single channel, confined to the traditional building materials supermarket, consumers are hard to fast and convenient access to the fingerprint lock. As fingerprint lock industry enterprise, with its strong performance of the product in the online and offline channels, with the experience and the populist price, to bring about a new round of nationwide fingerprint lock family popularization storms, further to help consumers solve confusion of fingerprint lock. Throw away the key, easy life! Use the fingerprint lock, will bring you to fly the general feeling. Can be opened easily, simply click on the fingerprint door lock, we don't have to worry about go out forgot to take my keys! Into the door, also need not full bags around, only to find that a small key! Don't have to worry about the old man and child accidentally locked myself outside the door, the key was lost in the house! Fingerprint lock configuration top fingerprint readers, fingerprint identification technology living creature, must be the body temperature and matching fingerprint to open, identity authentication, safety performance is better. 0. 5 seconds speed open, global tens of millions of families are in use, it has strong security and convenient performance. In addition, the fingerprint lock
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