Not 'holes' into the intelligent fingerprint door lock to protect your home security | |

by:Level      2020-07-15
Rising living standards, for home users to focus on the higher requirement of security, and civilian security equipment into the safety of the consumer demand. As many home users start to buy home monitoring probe, for travel or out of home, may at any time and place to get hold of a home user, perhaps can bring you more peace of mind. As a family of security defense line, installed security doors, almost every family in but because of the security level is not high, many families still be picking problems. Therefore, smart door locks gradually come into the mind of the user, let consumers enjoy a safe living environment. Fingerprint + password, no & other; Hole & throughout; Design, called UF - 61 intelligent anti-theft lock is main no & quot; Hole & quot; Design, solve the problem of the root of the security. Because this kind of door lock, therefore technical unlock tools such as & quot; Wire & quot; ” Tin foil & quot; Completely failed, can put an end to illegal technology lock. Safety, of course, there will be the user to worry about lock hole, no spare one thousand is it to the door locks don't have electricity? In fact this product support low voltage alarm, when the equipment is less than a certain power, users will be prompted to replace the battery in time. Equipped with backup battery, the shell adopts touch screen design, very convenient. Cool hand design, prevent outsiders use cat's eye open, from the outside in security, let you rest assured to enjoy.
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