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by:Level      2020-07-01
Hotel lock is part of electronic lock series products, with his household electronic lock has the different demand, domestic demand to open the door to demand a variety of electronic door lock to open the door means to coexist, convenient to open; Electronic door lock and hotel requires a single or small open mode selection, which facilitates the implementation of the management. In the market now has all kinds of electronic locks, flowers, but the quality varies greatly, most of the hotels in the tender will help when written in the book of tender, but americans are cheaper as the main object. Some electronic door lock is stick a card manufacturer has low price bidding, but provide electronic lock this the problem, often can appear even if the same lock is difficult to guarantee the quality of the unified. And after-sales service, often because of the factory is not professional team, are not solutions to problems is often & other; Drag & throughout; Word to solve, can of course ask manufacturer to change new locks to reinstall, but if you are that the guests into the hotel in the problem, they will have the confidence to come again? The hotel's brand will be good? So now the people of the tender are often from the perspective of their hotel, forget the confidence of the guests to the hotel, and hotel reputation. From the focus on the hotel lock products production experience to the overall service solutions, dedicated to provide users with products is the inevitable result of 20 years of brand development, humanized service needs to be based on high-end products technology innovation. Pay attention to the brand management and development, quality of product excellence, has zero tolerance for quality problem. Especially for intelligent lock products, after-sales service guarantee is especially important, close to user needs.
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