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by:Level      2020-08-14

now we often can be used in the hotel to the guest control system, with the help of guest control system to make our live more convenient, and experience will be better, both as a tenant is as a hotel manager, guest control systems are very worth a try, actually control system why popular?

1。 Remote control

with the development of smart home, decades in the field of professional control system is become one of the popularity of higher system products, a few years ago also confined to a five-star hotel guest control system such high-grade place, but as consumers love for remote control, are under a lot of five-star hotel guest room control system is used to manage and meet the needs of the residents under remote control;

2。 Versatile control system of

guest welcome another reason is the main reason, there are many kinds of, as a result of its function can meet the different hotels and homes for the needs of the control system, for example, some people want to be able to through the system for emergency call and customer service call, some people want to be able to through the same control switch to control all the devices in the room;

3。 Safer

public praise good guest control system using the waterproof panel, and weak current control switch button is used, so even if the housing leakage happened or is accidentally spilled the water on the front panel, also won't cause the phenomenon such as short circuit, so the control system shall be can help improve the security level of house, in to ensure the use safety of this aspect at the same time also let guest room internal risk factor;

control system can be turned on when using remote control, guests can control on a panel light air conditioning, etc. , can also be time switch and temperature, at the same time, the guest can edit control system and the light pattern, inside the room can adjust the brightness of the light can meet the needs of different scenarios, the guest service function of control system can form a good communication with front desk, give the tenant sufficient convenient.

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