Real estate door supporting: fingerprint trend combination lock into a new era

by:Level      2020-07-28
As & other; After the 80 & throughout; 、“ After the 90 & throughout; The growth of young people, and bear more and more important social position, they gradually become the backbone of the purchases. For their eyes to development of new technology products, technology elements into the daily life, is the inevitable trend in the new era. Fingerprint combination lock as a line of defense of the intelligent community, who can seize the opportunities, will be able to catch the housing purchasing power of consumer groups. Launched this year, according to the national real estate projects, real estate fingerprint lock, main intelligent anti-theft, fast installation, high universality, multiple functions such as a new concept of smart home new and according to the demand of the real estate developers, given the right price, design and promotion plan. Fingerprint combination lock integrated wireless Internet technology, cloud technology, smartphone technology, encryption technology, mechanical anti-theft, catering to the new requirements of the intelligent, digital, is it will become young consumption group in domestic outfit choice of most people. Fingerprint lock products and wanda group, poly group, Evergrande real estate, pearl river industry, country garden, Shanghai jin MAO group reached a long-term cooperation relationship. Meet the demand of increasingly younger purchasing group intelligence, the optimization of community intelligence, environmental protection, safety management, catering to the intelligent trend of fine decoration housing, in the future, the huge potential of the real estate market is undoubtedly a fingerprint combination lock to carry out the strategic layout of one of them. In the future of real estate development, represented by fingerprint combination of intelligent household will become one of important strength.
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